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On 25th April,1940, Boris III - Tzar of Bulgaria,decreed the opening of an Institute for training primary teachers.15 pedagogical classes were formed and started their education and trai-        ning  at the Institute and two other High Schools in the city. The Institute was named after       Exarch Joseph I and was firstly located at 10, Dragoman  str, Varusha quarter. The building        was designed and built  by  the famous  Master K.Ficheto.

In 1950 the Institute was transformed into a Pedagogical School, named “Dimitar Blagoev”.

On July 16th, 1950, the school was transformed into the First Training Active School. Over the  years it was housed in several buildings – the building of  the Institute, the building of the         Faculty of  Fine Arts, the building of the Theater.  Since 1995, it’s moved into a new building        at 1A, Hristo Smirnenski  str. A great Anniversary Celebration was held on 29th October 2010 –             70th anniversary of Dimitar Blagoev Primary School.